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why your baby does not sleep through the night?

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Raising baby is a hard work. Parents must look after them at the daytime, and at night they have to lull their babies to sleep. But things always don't go that way, Something unexpected may happen any time. Most of babies get enough sleep during the day so that they would wake at night. This gives parents a headache because they have to work at the daytime and they need ample sleep at the night. Why your baby doesn't sleep through the night?

Here are some reasons why even a healthy baby does not sleep through the night. Babies have short sleeping circles. Adult sleep is usually not interrupted through out the night, including about six hours of deep sleep and two hours of light sleep (also called REM sleep, REM). When we are in light sleep, we may wake up briefly, but unlike the baby, we adults know how to get back sleep. Babies sleep twice as often as adults and have more light sleep than deep sleep, and the baby's overall sleep cycle is shorter. This is one of the reasons that babies often wake up at night. Another reason why babies don’t sleep at night is that their body clocks are not set yet. We sleep at night and wake up in the morning because we have circadian rhythms; these cycles of rest and activity get synchronized to light and darkness. Although a baby’s internal clock is fully formed before he is born, his brain doesn’t respond to it until he is 2-5 months old.

It is obvious that babies have disire to eat, so they may wake at night for a feeding or two. It is important to know about night feedings and  when to night wean so you can understand how to deal with this. And when they are teething ,some babies seem to struggle with it. Especially in the night, teething can be quite painful and make them  very uncomfortable. In this period, Teething may make babies waking at the night. So if your baby is teething, you should give your baby an silicone teether to chewing, that free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, and no lead, cadmium and heavy metals. With these your baby would not cry at the night and parents can get a better sleep.

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