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when to give teether to baby?

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2017/12/5 16:15:13

Most babies get their teeth in seven to eight months, but some baby start their teething in four months.
when baby has startd drooling lot of, saliva suddenly increases, often get wet clothes.
In order to reduce the pressure of the tooth, the baby sometimes extends the small hand into the mouth to scratch, the things are put into the mouth to bite, to reduce the pain of the gums.
if your baby start their teether, you can put a little cold carrot, apple, banana and baby teether or teeth grinding rods in baby mouth, Let baby to bite.
At this point, it is necessary to choose the baby teether, which requires that the baby teether must be pass card throat test, safe, bite-resistant and not easy to come off.

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