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how to tell if baby is teething?

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2017/12/12 21:54:02

Did your baby have a long tooth?
How do you know he's teething?

how to tell if baby is teething?

  • Sleep is not solid. or not to sleep, and the night awakenings frequently.
    Good coax the baby before, when baby teething, sleep will be difficult to coax, mothers if you find this a little baby special, always coax it again and again, very not easy asleep, wake up agen and agen, and feel the whole people feel very tired, maybe your baby start teething .

  • likes to bite anything.
    Baby is  uneasiness when teething, it could be that he is teething and it hurts his gums to nurse, might suddenly bite you, or hold toward bite your shoulder, toys is also thinking to bite, meet these don't panic, your child is undergoing important teething.

  • Stool frequency, red butt.
    This is the result of teething diarrhea.
    Just now help him to change diapers , and immediately hear 'poop-poop sound, then there is the foul smell, Jia stool thin baby more often.
    Due to timing and frequency, can lead to red bottom, another ass around there will be a red rash, is red, very much treasure mom usually take care of good, think there will be no red ass, appear this kind of situation is teething.

  • Inexplicable fever.

  • The temper grew restless

  • like to bite fingers and mouth keeps drooling.

Baby is teething.

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