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how to help teething baby?

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How to help teething baby?

1. Prepare teether (for example, silicone teether, wooden teether), hard fruits (for example, apples, carrots, cut into strips, not too big) for baby bites to massage itchy gums.
2. After drinking milk or eating the side food, use a wet gauze to clean and massage the baby's gums. If the molar has grown, you can use a finger toothbrush or small toothbrush to help your baby brush his teeth.

3. If baby gums is a red swelling, please ask the dentist to prescribe medicine for red and swollen gums.
4. When the baby is emotionally unstable, it can be given more care and hugs.
5. Give your baby some cold food, such as pudding and porridge.
6. More mouthwash can reduce the growth of microorganisms in the mouth and reduce the slight inflammation and fever of baby teeth.

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