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Safe grinds teeth tool recommended

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2017/5/9 20:21:32

Grinds teeth tool recommend 1 -- silicone teether

Also called silicone baby toys, baby teether, practicing teether, the safe non-toxic soft food grade silicone material(BPA Free, LFGB, FDA certificate), while relieve teething discomfort, exercise can also help the baby to chew and bite of action, help the healthy development of teeth.

Grinds teeth tool recommended 2 - ice Teething phase baby will because gum swelling and excessive crying, can use clean gauze bag for the baby a small piece of ice cold, cold feeling can temporarily alleviate the discomfort of gum.

Tip: you can also use gauze dipped in some cold water to the baby wipe gums, have some relief.

Grinds teeth tool recommended 3 - nutrition of fruits and vegetables staple food

Article nutrition of fruits and vegetables

The fresh apples, pears, carrots and other vegetables and fruits cut into small sliver of the finger thickness, cool and refreshing and crisp sweet, not only can let the baby teeth, is also a good way to try new food.

Still can use hand-cut mold tool or animals, such as carrots, cucumbers carved into all kinds of shapes, the baby can bite can play again, still can learn many new knowledge!

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