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when to use teether for baby[2017/12/15]
how to help teething baby?[2017/12/15]
how to tell if baby is teething?[2017/12/12]
when to give teether to baby?[2017/12/5]
if your baby start their teether, you can put a little cold carrot, apple, banana and baby teether or teeth grinding rods in baby mouth, Let baby to bite....
why your baby does not sleep through the night?[2017/5/24]
Teething may make babies waking at the night. So if your baby is teething, you should give your baby an silicone teether to chewing, that free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, and no lead, cadmium and heavy metals. With these your baby would not cry at the night and parents can get a better sleep...
Safe grinds teeth tool recommended[2017/5/9]
Grinds teeth tool recommend 1 -- silicone teether Also called silicone baby toys, baby teether, practicing teether, the safe non-toxic soft food grade silicone material(BPA Free, LFGB, FDA certificate), while relieve teething discomfort, exercise can also help the baby to chew and bite of action, help the healthy development of teeth....
where to buy silicone beads?[2017/3/14]
Buy cheap bpa free silicone beads wholesale from KEAN SILICONE, Food Grade Silicone mater, BPA Free, Kean silicone beads that is soft on babies gums and emerging teeth....
What's the step to make a customized product?[2016/3/23]
Many customers want to design their own product with special shape....
How to make a Silicone teething necklace?[2016/1/20]
Do you want to make a special silicone teething necklace for your little baby? Do you want to make yourself stylish by DIY your own silicone necklace? But how to make a simple necklace? Ok, below is the answer: ...
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