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How to make a Silicone teething necklace?

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2016/1/20 15:59:23

Do you want to make a special Silicone teething necklace for your little baby? Do you want to

make yourself stylish by DIY your own silicone necklace? But how to make a simple necklace? Ok, below is the answer:

First, choosethe color for silk cords, breakaway clasps and silicone beads you like. Alwaysremember the color is the first concern. Please note that the length of adultnecklace is about 30 inch.

Second, choosethe beads shape you like for silicone teething necklace, but babies always likebright colors when chewing. Slide the bead on the threading material.

When the beadsare ok to the cords, put the clasps on each side of the cords. Then knottightly to make sure the cords will not come loose. It will be better to knottwice if you want a safer necklace.

Last, close theclasps and show it to your friend. It is really quire simple ,right?Why not take action now to make yourself a special silicone teething necklace?

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